söndag 6 maj 2012

Frejas katter (IF: Hitched)

Som ni vet var det två katter som drog Frejas vagn. Det sägs att de hette Högni och Þófnir. Inte vet jag om det stämmer, men jag verkligen undrar vad katterna egentligen tyckte om att dra vagnen…
Every morning Freya hitched up her two cats, Högni and Þófnir, to the chariot and took a ride. I just wonder what the cats really thought about it…

3 kommentarer:

  1. Haha, so cute! Lovely style.

  2. This is great and really made me laugh. It reminded me of a joke about a removalist who has to get a piano up a steep flight of stairs. The owner of the piano goes out for ten minutes and when she returns, the piano is upstairs. She asks, 'How did you do it?' The removalist replies, 'It was easy, I just got the cat to do it.' 'The cat!! But how?' persists the owner. 'Well,' the removalist explains: 'I used a whip.'
    Not that I'm saying your character would do that, of course! But what DO the cats really think about it...